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Why Oral Tablets?

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QuikTabs™ are legal in all 50 states being regulatory friendly unlike gummies. QuikTabs are extremely customizable, available in lower order quantities, cost less to ship, and have a longer shelf life making it easier for you to provide amazing CBD products to your customers.

They also utilize Factory6’s Rapid Dissolve Technology which measures ingredients down to the pico-meter for more efficient binding to CBD on the molecular level-translating to a highly effective and bioavailable CBD delivery method.

Customers love them!

"We love the QuickTab mints because we can get different awesome flavors, and it's such a unique way to deliver CBD to our customers. Did I mention the flavors are out of this world? I did? Well they are!"

"QuickTabs are a great way to get your CBD because of the Rapid Dissolve Technology. It makes them immediately bioavailable; which is great when our customers are looking for relief."

"Our customers love these mints! The are convenient, delicious, and discreet-we never seem to order enough!"

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Factory6 is committed to creating for you the finest CBD experience. Innovating only the highest quality CBD products to consistently create the best opportunity for you to share the benefits of CBD with the world.

As Utah's PREMIERE INNOVATOR for custom, wholesale, and bulk CBD product manufacturing, Factory6 delivers the best quality CBD products. We are a GMP Certified facility that is FDA Registered. We have a full service CBD product development team, white label CBD products, raw bulk CBD oil in various forms, as well as a team for creative labeling services. We pride ourselves on our CBD’s consistent quality from our reliable sources to guarantee that you get the best quality CBD oil products and customer service.

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